Independent Adviser - PR & Media

These days PR, marketing and communications need to be robust to withstand media scrutiny. It is essential to get this right if you want to use your budget wisely and to uphold or indeed enhance the reputation and branding of your company.

Whether you want to design a marketing or PR project or something bigger, call me to ensure that your investigations are robust and valuable.

You can commission all or part of the services below to ensure you get exactly what you need. These include:

  • Groundwork- researching what work has already been carried out in this
    area. Deciding what is possible in order to achieve your goals.
  • Design - putting together a project that is within budget.
  • Analysis - carrying out statistical analysis where needed.
  • Interpretation - working out what the results mean taking into
    consideration past and present findings.
  • Reporting the results - writing articles, blogs, interviews with journalists,
    radio and TV. Delivering keynote presentations at conferences and internal

If you wish to use part or all of these services, you will achieve
scientific validation for a powerful piece of work which can help you become thought leaders in your sector.

Dr Lynda Shaw Speaker