Lynda's book “Your Brain is Boss”. Provides business leaders with insights into the role of emotion in business, and how to use their own mind power to develop influence, creativity and work satisfaction. Your Brain is Boss is a brimming with ideas and tools that can help simplify your work and personal life so you can reach your goals. Whatever stage you are at in your life or career, by understanding that your brain is boss and how to take charge, you will enhance your emotional, mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

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Lynda has also published the children’s book ‘Beat the Bullies: Use Your Brain – The Herman Homunculus Work Book Series. It explains the difficult emotional issues faced by so many of today’s youngsters. Many children experience bullying at school, and it can have far-reaching consequences; adults can experience low self-esteem or other issues as a direct result of being bullied at school. Cyber bullying has become even harder for children to escape and it can be challenging for parents to support them. Empowering the children themselves is key.

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What readers say:

A refreshing change from the approach of process, reengineering and methodologies. Looking at how businesses really function through the interaction and intelligence of people

Peter Manning CEO and Private Equity Chairman

Pragmatic and readable, unlike many leadership/business books. It brings alive some key considerations which I have not seen covered with such authority elsewhere, so therefore breaks new ground.

Stephen Ingledew CEO Fintech Scotland

I suspect the absolute power of the brain goes largely untapped for most of us and we give scant attention to its health and development, yet properly harnessed it can help us achieve so much more in our lives. If you are looking for a guide for how to change that put your trust in Dr Lynda Shaw and this book

Jeanette Makings, Head of Financial Education, Close Brothers

A really useful handbook for anyone seeking to improve the performance of their business by harnessing a greater understanding of key lessons from the world of neuroscience and psychology. This learning is nicely translated into everyday scenarios we recognise and which constitute the challenges almost every business has to overcome to succeed

Bob Quick QPM MBA, CEO (Former Assistant Chief Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard

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