Role of unconscious bias in the gender pay gap

Reporting on gender pay gap levels has brought this subject to the forefront for both individuals and businesses. 

Dr Lynda Shaw works with companies through workshops, consultancy and keynote speeches to help them reduce their gender pay gap by uncovering unconscious bias in the workplace leading to simple changes to their people management processes. As part of her work as a neuroscientist and business psychologist, she ran a CV screening experiment as part of a Channel 5 programme ‘Why do men earn more than women?’, timed to coincide with the Equal Pay announcement in April 2018, to showcase the role of unconscious bias in recruitment behaviours.

A lack of gender diversity for businesses across the country has a significant impact on the success of organisations as well as on the satisfaction of employees. Lynda believes that a company’s gender pay gap statistic is set to become a business differentiator which shareholders, customers and future employees will monitor in much the same way as CSR policies have become benchmark values.

To help reduce your gender pay gap statistic, addressing unconscious bias to ensure gender diversity and equal pay exists from top to bottom in your organisation is a positive move. In order to have more diversity, businesses need to put processes in place which take unconscious bias into account to change behaviour from CV screening to mentoring programmes to day to day working practices.

Unconscious bias is highly unlikely to be erased, but by a) becoming aware of them we can put into place processes to overcome them and b) by living a more diverse life the neuroplasticity of the brain is such that we will rewire our thinking for the better.

To move forward, everyone in a business needs to agree that they are happy to learn and grow in this area, so it’s imperative that they take on board responsibility and accountability for themselves and one another through training along with other interventions such as consultancy, workshops and talks at company meetings.

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