If you want theoretical confidence, practical peer reviewed neuroscience and
greater authoritative presence keep reading.

Accredited by the British Psychological Society for Continued Professional Development (CPD)*, the Neuroscience Professional Development Online Programme focuses on learning about your brain as well as your teams’ and clients’ ways of thinking and how to improve interaction, brain health, empower and make you shine, and develop solid emotional well-being.

These exciting online programmes provide a solid fast track in understanding the brain to enhance your work. You will benefit enormously from my academic research, my PhD thesis and many years of experience as a speaker, trainer and coach.

Brain science can enable us to change for the better. When it’s underpinned by fact and delivered with conviction and confidence that is when real change can take place. You will gain theoretical confidence, tons of practical skills and feel far more like an authority when talking about the brain and psychology.

The content is specifically designed just for you to adapt and use in your unique work situation. Each interactive online session is guided by you, the learner, so that your specific learning needs are met. You will be part of a small exclusive community who can support and gain additional learnings from one another and I will support you between sessions via email and phone. These exclusive classes are limited to 10 to ensure personal attention and guidance.

Upon Completion you will have:

Mastered relevant applied neuroscience for your needs (with a little psychology and social anthropology included for good measure)

Learnt about your brain and how to interact even better with colleagues and clients.

Discovered ways to increase brain health and emotional well being

Found ways to empower yourself and make yourself shine as brightly as you would like.

Using up to date, practical and easy to use neuroscience with your clients means you can win more business and be equipped to deliver even more value.

Online Programme
August Bootcamp
Starting July 27th 2021

If you want to be considered for this BPS Approved Programme, contact the team here.

What clients say:

The skills and knowledge I have acquired due to this course have been invaluable. I am able to validate my programmes, activities and expertise with scientific proven evidence, which is giving me credibility in my field. I have already been able to support a number of clients with this. If you are a trainer, coach, mentor or speaker, the NPDP is an excellent course for you to consider doing.

Susan Heaton-Wright The Superstar Communicator

I thought I already knew about the brain, but Dr Lynda Shaw’s programme has blown me away.  She has not only taught me some highly valuable things but also gave me great ideas for how to use them in my speaking, coaching and training business.  Thank you so much for being clever, empowering and patient.

Pam Burrows, The People Booster, Confidence and Wellness Speaker

Based on her experience and research this course enables you to benefit from Dr Shaw’s generous sharing of her knowledge and pure love of the topic.  Need I say more, if you are a coach, speaker or trainer and use neuroscience in your work register now.

Rebecca Jones MA, PGCE.  Enterprise Consultant & Speaker and creator of ‘Stretchy Thinking’

I found her content extensive, simply and empathetically presented with discussions around each topic illuminating. Having completed the course, and taken the multiple choice questionnaire, I am delighted that this knowledge has gained me 12 CPD credits sanctioned by the BPS.

Peronel Barnes - Artist, Business Marketing

Knowing what happens at the brain level is the basis for any personal change. Any coach, speaker or trainer who is reading this, this means YOU. Whether you operate at an organisational or individual level, your role is to bring about change. Knowing how the brain adapts to change, creates new habits, takes decisions and adapts to stress needs to be at the foundation of the work you do. The programme has ignited a journey of discovery into new and ground breaking IP for me. 3-months in, it is already enriching my work and energising my clients and delegates.

Heather Townsend, author and founder of The Accountants Millionaires' Club

Lynda busts myths and establishes facts and brings it to us in succinct and valuable modules for us to discuss and apply for the benefit of our clients...and ourselves! Her wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject is matched only by her seemingly inexhaustible desire to share it! No matter what the question, query or challenge, she gives you detailed responses backed-up by examples to aid clarification. And if she doesn't know the answer? She goes away, researches it and comes back with considered responses which can be evidenced, verified and therefore used with confidence. Lynda makes herself so accessible throughout the programme, and genuinely wants everyone involved to gain and develop as a result of their time with her. I defy anyone not to!

Katie Hart International Speaker, Neuromarketing

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