There is so much more

An older lady entered a new doctor’s office.   Six months previously she had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She was efficient and organised with her ​​lists of medication, medical events during recent months and more ……..  her CV.
She handed over the papers and the doctor looked shocked.  He glanced at the CV whilst putting it to one side saying “I will look at this later, let’s talk about your medication”.

Sadly the doctor didn’t understand what this lady was trying to say.  The point she was making was that the last six months of illness did not represent who this lady is.  Six months only represented a tiny % of her life.   She wanted to shout, “look this is me, I have experienced so much and learnt whilst collecting bruises, laughter and memories.   I am more than just 6 months. “
Increasingly society sterilises the normality of all our life’s journeys.   Even those looking after us in times of need become the ‘carers’, but also they are probably wife, husband, daughter, son and more.
It’s important that people maintain their identity and self-worth whatever the circumstances.  In so doing, we help everyone feel better about themselves and this isn’t a cursory consideration.  There is plenty of research that demonstrates the positive effect that high self-esteem can have on our physical and mental well-being.

So please, let us look a little closer at those who are vulnerable and not turn introductions into assessments too soon.