Here’s a list of the academic papers written as part of Lynda’s PhD. Please contact Lynda if you’d like a copy.

Shaw L, J., (2008) Emotional Processing of Natural Visual Images in Brief Exposures and Compound Stimuli: fMRI and Behavioural Studies.

Shaw L, J., Wright M, J. and O’Brien J. (2006) Unconscious processing of high and low valence visual stimuli: an fMRI analysis. Toward a Science of Consciousness VII Tucson. Journal of Consciousness Studies: Consciousness Research Abstracts 102(2006).

Lynda Shaw, Michael Wright and Justin O'Brien (2005), Attention effect of high and low valence visual stimuli: an fMRI analysis. Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference on Perceptual Experience (posted Oct 2005),

M. J. Wright and L. Shaw (2002) Contrast sensitivity and copy drawing performance in patients with cortical lesions: high or low level deficit? Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, 22 (6) 2002.

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