Beat the Bullies Use Your Brain - The Herman Homunculus Work Book Series

Unfortunately, many children experience bullying at school, and it can have far-reaching consequences; adults can experience low self-esteem or other issues as a direct result of being bullied at school. With the advent of “cyber bullying” it has become even harder for children to escape it, it can be very challenging for their parents to support them, and it can – sadly – spiral to have a massive impact.

Empowering the children themselves is key.

Which is why Lynda is proud to have written “Beat the Bullies – use your brain”, a down-to-earth and practical way to support and empower children who are being bullied. Using the fun character of Herman Homunculus to illustrate experiences and learning points, children are able to understand what’s going on so they are able to form their own strategies to handle their bullies.

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See these feedback comments from parents:

Every child should read this book This is a little book that will have a huge impact on your child's life. It is both informative and interactive and explains in simple terms how the brain works. it encourages the child to tell an adult and ask for help but it also empowers the child by explaining how they have control over their own emotions and how they can use their imagination to change their perception of the situation and hence the way they react to the bully. Another lovely aspect of this book is that through out the chapters there are a number of questions which if desired can easily open up discussions between parent and child. All children need to read this book. Do not wait until your child is being bullied let them read the book now and give them the power to nip any possible bulling in the bud before it affects their lives. I highly recommend this wonderful book.Karen Lynne, Family Coach & Mediator
I thought that it was brilliant. Very imaginative and exciting .. I wish that this book should be compulsory in schools. Bullying has taken a new level by claiming lives of too many children all around the world. This book is perfect to prevent the bullying. Thank you dear Lynda Shaw.Niki J. Schafer