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  • Neuroscience Professional Development Programme


    Learn what to say, why you are saying it, and how best to say it

    The reason for setting up this course is because so many professional people continue to ask me to do so, which stems from their desire to stop talking about ‘neuromyths’ (I hear many talking about neuroscience incorrectly and they are in danger of losing credibility) and to properly learn how to reference and use solid neuroscience research when working with their clients.

    This easily digestible, fast track, practical programme in brain speak will enhance your work and you will benefit enormously from me distilling my 9 years of full time study and research at university and many, many years of experience as being just like you… a professional in business.

    Neuroscience can persuade the most cynical client to change for the better and when it’s delivered with conviction and confidence that your knowledge of the brain is sound, you can’t help but succeed even more.

    My style is to always be as practical as possible, so part of each session will be guided by you to make sure I’m giving everything you need.  This is why the sessions are restricted to 10 people max.   The core benefits are:
    that all neuroscience information is up to date, practical and easy to use with your clients to both win more business and equip you to deliver even more value; 
    that you will be part of a small exclusive community who can support and gain additional learnings from one another; 
    and I will be there to support you between sessions via email and phone.