Empowering audiences to use and control their mind power for business success

Lynda engages her audiences with her ability to translate complex neuroscience concepts into ideas and tips that audiences can use easily in their businesses to thrive and prosper. Lynda empowers people with the knowledge that not only are all human traits normal, but they can be harnessed and controlled for greater effect. Her specialist areas are enabling people to find that sweet spot where reduced stress meets increased productivity; exposing unconscious bias to minimise conflict and promote well-balanced clear thinking; to embrace and manage emotion when communicating; and specifically for women – how to improve your negotiations skills to get that pay rise, that promotion or make partner.

Energetic and enthusiastic, Lynda is renowned for her warm, yet assertive, engaging and entertaining speaking style.

Her expert authority was recognised by the Professional Speaking Association; in October 2017 Lynda was honoured to receive the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence - the highest accolade for UK speakers given by their peers.

Lynda’s topics for keynotes and workshops are below and she customises each one. If however, you have a specific message, just let her know and she will work closely with you to make sure you achieve exactly what you want.

Dr Lynda Shaw Speaker

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Podcast with Charlotte Sweeney OBE, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Specialist

Listen to Lynda and Charlotte discussing unconscious bias, inclusive workplaces, building influence and mental health in the workplace. Plus three insightful tips you can implement straight away in your business.

Keynote Topics

Please contact Lynda’s office to discuss your upcoming event and objectives.

The Sweet Spot
Where reduced stress meets increased productivity.

For managers and teams who work hard, sometimes too hard.

If you want to better manage the speed of expectation, the overwhelm that creates havoc and go home at night knowing you’ve done a good day’s work and actually enjoy your evening, then finding out how to find the sweet spot is what you need. A certain amount of stress works well, so the trick is knowing how to reduce it to the point where you are healthy and productive. Learn how to find and keep optimum levels of stress for greatest effect for you and your team.

The result will be armies of your people working effectively under pressure, but who do not fall foul of illness and poor productivity due to stress. And enjoying the sweetspot.

Strategically Positioning Emotion
How to use emotion to get all your employees and customers aligned

For business owners, sales teams and marketing executives

Do you want your people to improve their emotional intelligence? Do you consider emotional labour when employing people? Do you want to control emotion rather than emotion controlling you or your customers? This talk addresses all these issues and as one delegate said “the impact of this talk was like being hit by a juggernaut”. Every decision we make is based upon emotion, that goes for you and your customers. It’s worth getting right.

The result is the whole workforce will align your core messages that will foster excellent employee engagement and customer service. You will actually embrace emotion from now on.

How to Work with Unconscious Bias and Improve Inclusion
Using Normal Human Traits to Think Clearly and Minimise Conflict

For managers, decision makers and HR

We all have unconscious bias, we all use subliminal signals and responses, but when we are unaware of these we can create conflict and miss vital clues for smooth transactions and decision making. Get back in the driving seat and learn how to harness and control all these natural resources for improved communication every time. You really do have control when you know how.

The result will be better decision making, hiring better people and smooth communication. You will look forward to diversity.

Negotiation Skills for Women
How to Overcome Barriers to Get What You Want

For both women and men who want to get on with life Gender diversity and the gender pay gap are hot topics at the moment and rightly so, because it has to change. Quite simply gender should not be on the agenda, people should be rewarded for their expertise and contribution.

This talk is for companies and firms who wish to overcome gender diversity and for women who want to learn to recognise opportunities quickly, to use daily conversations to overcome barriers and to feel confident in just being you in order to achieve that pay rise, that promotion or even make partner. The result is a level playing field for everyone to thrive and prosper. What a relief!


Lynda gave a compelling presentation to our company on the effects of stress on the brain at a wellbeing-focused conference. I was really impressed with the time Lynda took getting to know our company culture, how responsive to feedback she was, and how she tailored her talk for maximum impact to her audience. Lynda’s message resonated deeply and the positive feedback we received flooded in within minutes.Louis Bond, Executive Assistant, Newton Europe
Lynda’s presentation to our group was both original and thoroughly relevant, encouraging and empowering our employees to better engage with themselves and our customers through simple but highly effective, common-sense techniques.Chris Houfe, Sales Director, The Great British Card Company
Dr Lynda Shaw gave a really engaging keynote.  Feedback from delegates was that she was relevant, relatable and thought provoking.Frances Rowland, keynote booker for ABLE conferences.
Wow, that was one of the most informative, useful and fun talks I’ve listened to for a very long time.  Lynda was engaging and thought provoking and has made me think differently and creatively about my personal and work life.  Thank you for shaking things up.Sarah Ward, Managing Director, Sarah Ward Associates Ltd.