The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme

Use your mind power at work to develop influence, creativity and work satisfaction Dr Lynda Shaw, Cognitive Neuroscientist

This exciting new BPS-Accredited programme provides a solid fast track in ‘brain speak’ to enhance your work. You will benefit enormously from Lynda's 9 years academic research, her PhD thesis and many, many years of experience as a speaker, trainer and coach.  The content is specifically designed just for you to adapt and use in your work situation.

Brain science can persuade even the most cynical client to change for the better and when it’s delivered with conviction and confidence that your knowledge of the brain is sound, you can’t help but "up your game" several notches.

Lynda's training style is practical and underpinned by sound verifiable facts.  Each interactive online session is guided by you, the learner, so that she meets your specific learning needs and class size is limited to 10 to ensure personal attention and guidance.


The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme covers key areas and upon completion you will have: 

  • Mastered relevant applied neuroscience for your needs (with a little psychology and social anthropology)
  • Learnt about your brain, your client’s brain and how to interact even better
  • Discovered ways to increase brain health and emotional well being
  • Know how to empower your clients and make you shine
Become more confident and resilient and in control of your emotions at work, rather than your emotions controlling you. Solve problems creatively and make great decisions an easy habit. Communicate your ideas effectively and become better at listening to others, and watch your business flourish.  Become influential and someone to look up to.Dr Lynda Shaw, Cognitive Neuroscientist

You can be assured that all neuroscience information is up to date, practical and easy to use with your clients to both win more business and equip you to deliver even more value.  You will be part of a small exclusive community who can support and gain additional learnings from one another and Lynda will support you between sessions via email and phone.




If you want to be considered for this BPS Approved Programme, then email Lynda immediately  contact Lynda’s office.

Dr Lynda Shaw Trainer and creator of The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme

Testimonials from our first cohort

Dr Lynda Shaw’s programme has blown me awayPam Burrows, The People Booster, Confidence and Wellness Speaker


WOW! My knowledge has been extended, my ideas challenged (in a good way) and I am now even more in love with this topic….. If you are a coach, speaker or trainer and use neuroscience in your work, register nowRebecca Jones MA, PGCE. Enterprise Consultant & Speaker and creator of ‘Stretchy Thinking'


I am privileged to be part of Lynda's first Neuroscience Professional Development group. I joined it as I am a firm believer in continuous learning, and the field of neuroscience in particular is constantly adding more findings, greater depth and further context to what we think we already know. Lynda navigates all of this on our behalf. She busts myths and establishes facts, and brings it to us in succinct and valuable modules for us to discuss and apply for the benefit of our clients...and ourselves! Her wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject is matched only by her seemingly inexhaustible desire to share it! No matter what the question, query or challenge, she gives you detailed responses backed-up by examples to aid clarification. And if she doesn't know the answer? She goes away, researches it and comes back with considered responses which can be evidenced, verified and therefore used with confidence. Lynda makes herself so accessible throughout the programme, and genuinely wants everyone involved to gain and develop as a result of their time with her. I defy anyone not to! Thank you LyndaKatie Hart, International Speaker, Trainer, Researcher (Neuromarketing)