Your Brain is Boss

Why is it that some people enjoy greater success than you even though they seem to have less knowledge and experience?

Because they have learnt to channel their brain and behaviour and influence others.

The brain can often have a tendency to over-complicate matters. With Your Brain is Boss you too can take control of directing your brain and emotions.

Your Brain is Boss is a startlingly clear gem of a book brimming with ideas and tools that can help simplify your work and personal life so you can reach your goals. By reading this book you will be able to:

  • Control your emotions rather than have them controlling you.
  • Solve problems creatively and communicate your ideas effectively.
  • Be more influential and consequently more valuable in your workplace.
  • Become a wealthier, healthier, happier person who is capable of achieving and maintaining a leadership position.

Whatever stage you are at in your life or career, by understanding that your brain is boss and how to take charge, you will enhance your emotional, mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

A great guidebook on the psychology of management, with good academic referencing for those who want to read more. It’s refreshing to read a how-to guide that is both grounded in the reality of management and leadership work whilst being based on sound academic research.Chris Jagusz, technology services industry, CEO
I suspect the absolute power of the brain goes largely untapped for most of us and we give scant attention to its health and development, yet properly harnessed it can help us achieve so much more in our lives. If you are looking for a guide for how to change that put your trust in Dr Lynda Shaw and this bookJeanette Makings, Head of Financial Education, Close Brothers
Your Brain Is Boss offers fascinating insight into the psychology and science behind how business relationships work, and how to improve your own behaviour and that of your teams for greater effect. It’s packed with original examples and practical tips that are easy to implement. If you are ready to become truly influential in your market, this book is essential reading.JoHaig CEO fds Director Services Ltd

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